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[FIX] GT-MP Server Blacklisted

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GT-MP Server Blacklisted

Hello, our dear community members, as you may be aware, our server got blacklisted by GT-MP after a dispute with their lead developer DurtyFree. Today we have been approached by GT-MP community manager Hardy with a request to remove a part of our VIP features from the server, because they may have been violating their EULA. As a project owner I could not tolerate, that outsiders from GT-MP were trying to interfere with the development of a server, that they had nothing to do with, therefore I protested their request where it escalated into an argument and Eclipse was left with an ultimatum to meet their demands within 24 hours or be blacklisted, further argument with DurtyFree resulted in an instant blacklist. I have tried talking to DurtyFree for hours, we have even removed the VIP features as they have initially demanded, however no progress has been made, therefore we had no other choice, but to look for a way to circumvent their blacklist. We are only doing this in our defense, as GT-MP is acting from the position of power as the aggressor. I do not know what their motives are, but both Hardy and DurtyFree complained about lack of support from GT-MP servers, which are making profit and not sharing it with GT-MP developers, who do not make as much in donations.


[FIX] How to disable the error?

  1. Download this .dll file GrandTheftMultiplayer.Client.dll
  2. Insert the downloaded file into Grand Theft Multiplayer\bin\scripts and replace the existing one
  3. Use "Quick Connect" while in-game to join the server IP: play.eclipse-rp.net Port: 7001


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