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Trey Dimes

[Deathmatch Event Bug] Winner was a mistake or...?

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It was me vs. Dwayne Smith at the end of the event.

On my screen, I punched Dwayne Smith and he dropped.

Then I got teleported back to Mors and Dwayne was crowned the winner somehow.


I'm not gonna go and say it's rigged because Dwayne has 100k+ experience and may be in favour but like... was he "really" the winner?

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1 minute ago, Xylum said:

In an attempt to resync you both, I teleported Dwayne out, then in, then teleported you out and then in. You seemed to have crashed. I apologize for the way it finished but that was out of my control.

My game crashed when you teleported me out, so I logged back in. I'm assuming you gave the prize to the one who didn't crash? Hm. 

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10 minutes ago, Xylum said:

The prize is automatically assigned to the last player standing, again, it was just unfortunate that it just so happened to the final 2 players. 

I don't get it.

1. Dwayne Smith is dead, I'm the last one standing.

2. We both get teleported, and my game crashed so I relog.

3. I come back into the server and Dwayne Smith is given the prize even if he was killed in the first place.

It's whatever though, just a little sceptical going on forward about the fairness of these events.

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You were both alive and on near 0 hp. There's nothing I can do about game crashes, everyone gets them, it's just a shame that it happened at that given moment. If he was killed, he would have been removed from the event. Again, my apologies but that's just the way it is.

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