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Real Estate Business (yet another one of these)

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Back at it again with another crackhead idea

So all over the map there's plenty of giant apartment buildings with no doors to the outside, making it useless with the current system of how houses work. We've already seen people doing rental RP by owning multiple properties and rply renting them out, so what if we help bolster this? What if you could own one of these buildings, and rent out the apartments inside? Based on how many windows there are (or whatever arbitrary number works), there could be that many empty rooms.

Entry into these could be as simple as walking up to the door, pressing Y like normal, and using a menu that pops up to select which room you'd like to go to. If the door is locked, you can't get in, and if its unlocked you can. This can even be taken a step further by requiring a keycode at the front door, or some way of swiping your key (doing a terrible job explaining this but people who've lived in apartments know what I mean). Landlords won't be able to enter rented out rooms if they're locked, preventing the current issue with landlord RP where you just hope they don't decide to go through your stuff.

For the landlord, they have access to a menu where they can set the rent, check tenants, and check when tenants are due to pay. Tenants themselves could have the scripted ability to pay the rent in their apartments, rply by leaving it in an envelope or something in the mailbox. That way, if the landlord and the tenant aren't online at the same time normally they won't suddenly lose their living arrangement because of some real life interruption. The money could be sent to salary too, making it "legitimized" and taxed.

All apartments could be 1g's, or they could all be different based on location/building/etc.

People want more player owned businesses with script support, well here's one. Feel free to completely tear this idea apart
Some examples of the buildings:




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