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The Royals

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Welcome To The Royals!

We are a family not a business.

We are a new upcoming faction in the city of Los Santos and are planning to become on top.

We dont have much of a story at the moment but will be updating all the time when crazy stuff goes down.

We are recruiting and the minimum xp is 3k and that puts you in the recruit rank.



First step into the royals. You will need to earn our trust and show that you are a worthy applicant to join and help us become on top

Next stage after Recruit. You will be trusted a little more into certain operations within the organisation, earning more money and trust.

Gang Banger
You will be involved in organisation planned events and jobs. You are a higher up person and will be given more trust in the organisation 

You are the guys who will help set up events and will look after people in the below ranks. You will have a good amount of trust from the higher ups and will be put
on jobs by yourself more to prove that you are capable on doing stuff yourself.

You are the mentor of the group, you will be looking after the recruits and letting myself know how they get on and when you think they are ready for the next stage.
You are the leaders of planned events. You will be responsible for the guys you take with you, bring back the cash.

You will be the leaders of certain groups, setting up organisation related events and watching everyone below your rank. Making sure the organisation is at its best when myself
or razor isn't on.



Be respectful and listen to your higher ups.

Maintain the colours of the family and represent at all times.

Don't cause any problems for the organisation or you will be charged a fine, also have to work yourself back up the ranks again.

Maintain any relationships with other factions, dont mess it up.

Neutral Legal Workers such as Miners, Farmers, Cabs, Mechanics, Are off limits at all times. We are there to protect not harm.

Dont rob friends or family members, you will be kicked and dealt with properly in the correct manner.



Setup base of operations.

Start making relationships with other factions.

Start recruiting until further notice 

Start a money business for family to use/run.

Acquire more whips for the family


This info is all OOC! Not to be taken IC

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