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Rob Limit Per Day (suggestion)

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i just thought it would be great if there will be a limit for each player to rob in each day

this is just about robbing stuff not killing people at wars or for having KOS on s1 and other situations.

as i said before i got robbed 4 times in a day by a same guy and there isnt any rule for that.


this is my suggestion

you can do sth that whenever some one go rob a person after that he cant do it again with another person

but how? when for the second time i go rob someone i cant frisk them or even loot the knocked down ppl(by pressing i) and dead bodies.because i did once today

and my limit has reached to end.

but you may say the robbers can warn that guy and then kill him for not obeying (the guy who is getting robbed dont know the robber is robbing for 2nd time today)

and even if they cant loot him but they can make that guy lose all of his stuff.

this shouldnt be hard ,robbers that robbed once before can get a small icon near their id above their head so other players know that they cant  get robbed by them and 

if they see that guy is robbing them and killing them they can report for rule breaking.

the icon can be colorful dot or a text even.

this is just an idea guys,if we think more we can improve it in some other ways not exactly what i said.

this suggestion can improve server quality so the roleplay looks like more real because in real world you wont get robbed 10 times in a day

and also make people go for a job in game to profit not robbing people all the time.

also it prevents some rule breakings by people that when they get knocked or they are going to die in game they do metagaming and tell their friends to come and loot 

them a lot of times in a day or even returning to their dead spot and loot themselves.




just wanna add something to this post

as i told at the start of my writings this is just for rob,for example if you are fighting for a drug lab spot on the map with other gangs and players you can kill them or fight with them

since this is not a rob this is a part of gameplay and this rule doesnt fu** the quality of any other RP.



thanks for the time reading my suggestion



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