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No available field bug.

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Date and time (provide timezone): 8/2/2020, 23:35 ( GMT + 2 )

Character name: Salvatore DeLuca.

Issue/bug you are reporting: Whenever I go to this farm, and try to start cropping a field, it says that there are no available fields, even though there is no one at the farm except me. 

Expected behavior:  "No fields available". Farm doesn't work at all. 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: The chat and whatnot doesn't show in my screen shot, by I called an admin and he checked the bug, His name was Amazwi something close to that, and he told me to proceed with a report here, on the forum.


Stranger 5543_2414-1581210361577.png


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Hey, I can confirm that this bug exists.

If you try to take a field for youself, then it says "There are no available fields, try another location!", however, there isn't anybody working.

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