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Custom business property floor bug

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Date and time (provide timezone): 20:30 18/01/2020

Character name: Daniel Roberts

Issue/bug you are reporting: The floor in custom business properties has been glitchy for a very long time.

Expected behavior:  A solid floor to walk on and to view.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate



Every time I enter my business property the floor glitches out, normally its around the edge of your view and not where you are directly looking. You can literally see the ocean through the floor which kills any immersion. I have no desire to build in the business while this bug is present.

I had an admin teleport me to the roof of the property so I could remove some highly placed furniture and the roof material did not have this glitching problem and you could see it whole.
Is it possible to have the floor made out of the same material as the ceiling to see if this fixes the issue?

Vehicle license plate number*

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This is due to the way the game renders the objects. If it's point of origin is not within view, it un-renders it to save on memory.
I am not sure if this can be changed manually by the developers, or if it is hard coded into the game itself.

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