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Get Rich Fast:The biggest secret on eclipse! #sorry veterans!

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You know somethings wrong when the title says “Get rich fast!” and the person is still driving a Warrener.

Honestly I wouldn’t recommend hunting because:

1. Its tedious and boring

2. Little to no RP involved with other players

3. Risk of robbery and paying for fuel

On the other hand, I used to make $9000 / hour ($7000 base + $2000 bonus) working for DCC. Perks are:

1. Getting free gas, people tend not to rob DCC, LSC, and Bayview, standard pay thats stable whether you’re plenty in calls or dry as a desert

2. Always meeting new people, getting into new scenarios daily

3. A lot of RP involved especially as a management member

Only freelance job I would recommend is mining, and you need capital to start mining effectively and even higher risk of robbery.

That being said, I hope you keep making videos. Maybe less on guides and more into scenarios and entertainment. We need more ECRP content creators.

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i made loads as James Sinclair bro thats a new character lol. it works if your smart. also i will be have loads of ideas hes going into PD.  what size do you make your sigs bro need to make some!


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