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  1. ah i cant post because of the camera. okay will move it in future. guess hes a lucky boy
  2. The police arrived at Braddock drug lab following a call, the officer was standing on the hill then run straight to my location, I hope i'm wrong in this situation, but i feel like it was meta gaming. I ended up going to prison for this. Evidence:
  3. Here is a video of the west coast Assassins chopping Mexican cars and a little shootout by mors hope you guys and gals enjoy!
  4. i made loads as James Sinclair bro thats a new character lol. it works if your smart. also i will be have loads of ideas hes going into PD. what size do you make your sigs bro need to make some!
  5. Haha everyday until I reach the 5k for PD thought it be funny given my characters background. I'm EU times though haha.
  6. Make sure you sub lmao! Na thank you have loads more ideas
  7. So here I was trying to sell my car slightly overpriced.. Few moments later we meet him... One disturbing individual haha..
  8. Hey Guys and girls, I've decided to return! For those of you that don't know me OOC or at all, I'm James Sinclair IC and JonesLTD OCC i left eclipse back in sept/oct cant remember the exact date. Had a bit of a mental breakdown so i thought i'd take a break rather than continue down the path i was on and receive a ban. i would like to apologise to @Revelt for the way i acted when i was here in the city last no matter what i had going on in my personal life i should never of ruined the RP experience for another player and for that i am truly sorry! Now i'm back i do not wish to continue with my old character as i feel that a new beginning would be the better way to approach my return, so i look forward to meeting all the new faces as well as my old friends if our paths ever cross in this new life. if you wish to know the story to my new character just head in to my profile and click on the post before this one or head into IC stories. I will be doing a YT series on this character if anyone wishes to follow it as YT and streaming has really helped me find peace and a purpose! Happy RP'ing To all. JonesLTD
  9. Pierce Harris- story?! Childhood: Pierce Harris Had a relativity normal childhood a mother who, loved him and a farther who went to work and provided for his family. his mother was a part time cleaner in the city of Los Santos and his farther a bank teller Who worked a 9-5 steady and well paying job. They both met at the maze bank where his farther Lenard Harris was working over-time one night due to a college that had fallen sick. his mother Julie Miller (at the time) had been working as a cleaner at Maze bank for two years before stumbling into Lenard, she had mopped the hall floors and didn't put the sign out what caused Lenard to slip he was furious right up-to the minute he had layed his eyes on Julie some might call it love at first sight, shortly after that incident they both got married, so became MR & MRS Harris. Pierce Harris had everything a child could have wanted great family birthdays, Christmas's, he was a grade A student right up until 2 weeks before his 15th birthday when his farther was shot twice and killed during a robbery at the maze bank. No one really knows what went on during the robbery and the perpetrators where never brought to justice. Pierce Harris life took a turn for the worst as since that day his whole life was fixated on bringing the criminals to justice, his friends in school started to call him batman as his fixation had similar characteristics, but he didn't care he pushed everyone away that came close and spent hours in self defence classes and running. the family were lucky in the sense that Lenard had a very good life insurance policy what made thing slightly easier as far as Pierce's education was concerned, even with that in mind his grades did decrease slightly by the time he had graduated due to his mind being elsewhere, First Jobs: Pierce Harris had many jobs after progressing his teenage years but none of them could fill the void in his heart that only being in the LSPD could Fill. unfortunately pierce had failed the fist psych exam for the academy but that didn't deter him from wanting to put that uniform on. Instead he started a job at Paul's Farm to pay for the psychiatric help that he needed and to find balance with his obsession for revenge. He didn't enjoy working there at all and only continued until he completed his mental health course. once he had finished he then went on to work as a money collector/dispenser for the bank after all he did have connection there through his diciest farther. He will continue there until he is ready to re apply for the academy. To be continued..... Would love to hear what people think bit of a cliche i know but writing this it just felt like i could bond with this character. He will also be documenting his life on YT.
  10. mate i just had enough i broke fear rp massively but i dc,d and come back im guilty heads gone with all the robbing so ill take whatever i get thanks.
  11. James sinclair contact #2348258 Cash waiting!!
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