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Wanting to join, but don't have a copy of the game.

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I've started a new job recently, after not having a job for about 5 years because I had quit my job when I was pregnant. With all that free time, when I wasn't busy being a mom, I used to spend most of it roleplaying, except only in the form of text based paragraph roleplay. Now that I've been working for the last month, 40 hours a week, I can't really find the time to really get into text rp anymore like I used to, and I really miss it, but it just takes too much time, and I just don't have that kind of time anymore. So then recently I found out about people who rp via voice chat, and I've watched a few youtube videos of people doing it and it seems like a really fun alternative for me, cause honestly the rp withdrawls are making me really depressed, I very much need the escapism from my own life. I have one problem though, I don't own a copy of GTA5 for pc, so I was wondering if perhaps some kind soul might be willing to gift it to me on steam? I would be so very grateful, and I wouldn't be surprised if this post just gets deleted by a mod or something, nor would I even be mad about it, I'd understand. But I've just got a lot of shit going on in my life right now, and if I could afford it I would get it myself, I'd even be willing to gift a game of the same value in return when I am able to. I just really need this right now. Please. Thank you...


Here's my Steam Profile for anyone feeling generous...

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Just out of curiosity and not meaning to offend, with 40 hour weeks being the standard for most people wouldn't you have some cash on the side to buy it? The game goes on sale more often than most on steam and you can pick it up for 30 quid in any shop in England, about 40 dollars in the US. I know kids are expensive but it's not impossible to have spare cash after paying the bills and putting some away for emergencies.

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