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CCTV Furniture Not Rendering In Houses

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Date and time (provide timezone): 09/JAN/20

Character name: Xoza Shadow

Issue/bug you are reporting: CCTV items do not render after unloading and reloading an interior.

Expected behavior: CCTV items are visible when entering an interior like all other furniture items.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:

  1. Purchase CCTV items (I only have a specific few items like controller, monitor and high end camera, but all those items are invisible so it may be the entire category).
  2. Place CCTV items in home. (Tested in the standard 3g house, unknown if the issue exists in others)
  3. Walk out of the home.
  4. Re-enter the home.

Vehicle license plate number*:

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It also happens with loan companies (with a lower rate) and 2G ghetto interiors. I could always see the CCTVs in the 3G Vespucci interior (since I did not position them close to the ceiling) but other furniture that was on the fridge in the kitchen (close to the ceiling) would disappear. I am pretty sure it's the height for some interiors.
I confirm it always happens when you place CCTVs on the ceiling for the 4G interior (orange style & character selection wardrobe).



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