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Guest him23212

Game not loading

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Guest him23212

Whenever I log onto the game and I press play, the game just stays at the character selection stream without the character there and doesnt load.

IGN: Austin_Nasello

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1 hour ago, kenichis said:

Hi there, try redownloading the server files in your rage MP folder.

Go to RAGEMP > client_resources > (eclipse IP)

Delete the folder containing Eclipse server packages and then reconnect to the server. This should redownload all the correct files. Try it out and see if it works.

Thank you sir! Worked for me

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18 minutes ago, fingeron said:

And we're back to square one.

The game crashed and now not matter what I try all I get is this screen

Just last night I played normally.

Please fix this bug!



Well discord people say the server is down, for anyone asking.

It seems that the server is indeed down. You can always check by going to Discord, #bot and typing !server.

Probably will clear up in a bit.


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