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Front Yard Ballas Recruitment

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Front Yard Ballas are on of the oldest Gangs in Los santos since the 70's we have been dominating the city with our true brotherhood.
We started as a gang of african americans and with the years we became a mixed gang but we keep our brotherhood intact because no matters what happen in our life the family are always in the first place.
At the moment we are recruiting so we can keep our name in the most wanted records and in the mind of everyone that lives on Los Santos, we are looking for anyone that beleives in a family and power above all other things.
Front Yard Ballas-Rules

Gang Rules - (Rules that state, how you should Roll, in this gang)
1) Always Respect and Follow Order's From every rank above you
2) Always Respect Ranks above you, If Caught Disrespecting Anyone. you will be kicked.
3) Always Listen to the leader, who cares what anyone else says. Its all about The LEADER !
4) Do not do any Business with any other family/gang without speaking to a Right Hand or the Leader
5) Always Role Play, and Follow Every rule in the server !
6) Never Disrespect another member/Leader in our allies, it will result in a kick or Serious punishment
7 ) Not Following direct order's from the leader, may result in very high punishment.
8) Finally, Have Fun. Role Play Good. And Live free for the ghetto


Front Yard Ballas-Application Form

In Character Information:
Background Story:
Why would we let you roll with us?
Have you been recommended by one of us?

Out Of Character Information:
How long have you been RPing?
XP ? :
Previous Factions:
Do you understand every server rule?
How much do you play a day in Eclipse?
Why do you want to join the Front Yard Ballas? 



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