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Ability to see ads list in menu

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Just simple, instead of spamming the chat for a simple ad we can have /ads

In this command we can see 3 categories of ads - 1. Real Estate - 2. Business/Other - 3. Buying/Selling

After using the cmmand /ads we can see 3 categories, ads should be arranged like this in like F4 menu

to publish ads in /ads need to call weazel they publish it, the ad expire after 24 hours after publishing

i dont care how much the price of it, im tired of getting my chat spammed and trying to contact weazel for hours just for an ad

we need this it would increase the communication between players/rp and decrease chat spam


for example i want to sell a house i call weazel they publish the ad in real estate section with my phone number added i just wait to get contacted by someone
instead of posting an ad every hour it would spam the chat and waste my time waiting for weazel news or they ignore me

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