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Shapeshifters Motorcycle Unity

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At least it’s not raining

Hugh Winters, an Irishman, felt lost in Los Santos, as Irish mob disbanded and all of his friends flew the state or were killed in the last shootout. All that was left was green clothes, lousy vehicle, few grands in his pocket, and no real friends, just few drug addicts that he used to supply… At least it’s not raining. Hugh scrape up what was left, picked up a gun and in night time raided his ol’ pal’s house, whom was deceased after a violent confrontation with the rivals. He found few thousand dollars, handbag full of various drugs (pretty sure Hugh made them anyways), heavy arms. And a picture, that was framed by  the bed, both smiling in a group picture, H. Winters was laughing, having his neck locked by the same pal that house is raiding. “Rest in peace, buddy. Hope that God was merciful and grand”.

Drunken’ lullabies

Winters got drunk by his fellas graves. He looked over empty bottle of Jack he left a day ago, when two bikers revved their engines in the distance. “Fuck’em” – Hugh whispered, “no respect for the dead.” Then he went silent. “There are no good gangs in the city anyways, just shitty, no good scums with no future”. Flashback. When he was younger, he wanted to open up his own club. “Who’s fucking stopping me? I should raise some hell to this shit old place.” Hugh took out a notepad from his vehicles glove compartment (witch, no surprise, he drove shitfaced drunk), and started scribbling, drawing his new patches: “Shapeshifters” “MC” “Los Santos” “Road Rager” “Sgt. At Anarchy” ,“Anarchist”, “Hell Raiser”, “Bile”… “7%”. He wrote down new concepts about how he imagines his own club, and “7%” was his new, drunk, but questionably brilliant idea. Punk culture never gave a shit about nothing, except anarchy. “Fuck 99%, Fuck the 1%, all that matters are the Devil’s lucky 7.” One percent to the crime, two percent to fellas, and four percent to anarchy”, enough to care about.

“While forgotten freedom burns

Has the Shepard led his lambs astray

To the Bigot and the Gun…” – He scribbled at the end.

Can you shoot straight while drunk?

As he sobered up, looked at his scribbles Hugh soon realized… It’s a fucking heavy road to go. Rented flat won’t do as a clubhouse, drug addicts won’t do as members, accounting won’t do as club business, hundred grand won’t do as a budget.

This is a new headache to Winters. He sew few badges, patches to his vest, that his girlfriend made, and drove off to the streets. First off, he bought a bike, a nice Harley Davidson Dyna 2006 custom, then, he picked a nice place for a clubhouse, he just not had enough money for now, also… no members… But fuck it, he’ll be a lone wolf for now. Something will come up, it always does. 

To be continued…

Anarchy Hierarchy

There is no Hierarchy in Anarchy, putting those two words together is like putting a battery inside a drum. But the fellas need to know who’s responsible for what, so there it goes:

“Bile thy Ruler” – Founder of the club. Also known as Celtic god of Hell. As other members, he directly manages club infrastructure, decides who comes, and who goes. Equivalent to club President, he decides faith of many of the shots made by members, handles the gravel at the “Infernal Supper”.

“Road Rager” – Complete devil when it comes to dealing with the public. He’s excellent with words, charming, sharp when it comes to looks, sly when it comes to police. No incident goes pass his advocacy, not even a single fine goes pass his condemn.

“Sgt. Of Anarchy” – Clubs business is his main concern. All disputes that erupts inside the club is his matter.

“Anarchist”– Full punk of the club. He knows all the club ropes, sits at the “infernal Supper”, having a voice in all the echoes of all the shots.

“Hell Raiser”– he has yet to prove himself of being a complete Anarchist, but he is good enough to raise some hell. Hell Raisers, welcome.


This faction has various specific patches for certain events and doings. If you don’t know the meaning, ask a member. Hierarchy patches are explained above. MU stands for Motorcycle Unity.

Clubhouse and Businesses

As this faction is early in development, this section is yet to be written.


This faction is in its early state, so any suggestions and ideas are very welcome. We are looking for graphic designer to draw up nice patches and pictures for the story. All screenshots are welcome, just keep them tidy and HQ.

If you are interested in joining here are the requirements:

·         Basic Motorcycle gang knowledge (we suggest you watch documentaries about Hells Angels, Mongols, Banditos etc.)

·         At least few hours’ game time a day

·         Good writing in English

·         At least five months of role-play experience

·         Good grasp about Role-Play concept

·         Decent forum activity

·         Find us IG

·         Contact me via Discord @lukas#9140


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