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Osman_Temizkan is on his way

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Hello everyone, 

I'm an ex RPer since 2008! RP was beginning on SAMP (in Germany) in the past and I was one of the important RP Characters who invented with RP Factions, trying to play without violence.

I am very exicted about this server, and I know that we are in another time zone... but hey, let's try. I am sure we will get some very fun RP together.

Please keep in mind, I will play an immigrant businessman... because my english is not the best one, but I am sure I will learn it fast and you will see how interesting the play can be!


Why I am choosing not an german RP server? Because in germany, the community for RP is not as good as around the world.... 😉

If you have any questions feel free to ask, since I passed the quiz and just waiting for my approval via admin. XD


Have a nice day!

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Your written English is great, if your spoken English is any similar, you'll have no problem communicating on the server through Text or VOIP.

I always see the German based RP servers full of hundreds of players, so it's surprising when you say the communities themselves aren't as good as other language based communities.

Welcome to the Eclipse Community! Enjoy your stay.

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