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Siren Bug

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Date and time (provide timezone): Past couple of weeks now, no exact time

Character name: James Li

Issue/bug you are reporting: Long distance siren is audible even when a emergency vehicle has its lights off or has the siren turned off. Towtruck with its amber lights on will also have the siren effect.

Expected behavior: Siren shouldn't be heard when it's not turned on.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I noticed this happening mostly to PD vehicles. It's not always consistent, but it will mostly happen when they're driving with their lights on, but siren disabled. There are also instances of it happening when the lights are completely off. Towtrucks will reproduce the problem more often, when they have the amber lights on.

The problem goes away once the vehicle is near you. Once it leaves the range of the normal - local siren, you can hear the long distance one again.

Vehicle license plate number*: X

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