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Stan Abaddon

Duplicate vehicle stuck in my house garage

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Date and time (provide timezone): September 18, 3:30pm EDT

Character name: Stan Abaddon

Issue/bug you are reporting:  A duplicate of my Seven-70 has been stuck in my garage for the past couple weeks.   When i initially look at my garage, i only see a single Seven-70 (plus my other car).   I can successfully take out the vehicle, but when i look at the garage afterwards, you can see the Seven-70 is still listed.   I cannot remove this one.  It uses up a spot in the garage, and I cannot put my house up for sale with it there.

Expected behavior:  When i pull out my Seven-70, it should no longer be shown in my garage.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Please see the following video: 

Vehicle license plate number*: 01QDYC4I

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