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Hey there folks. Name's Ringo Glassow, said like glah-zow. Trips a lot of people up. 

I'm from out near Tennessee, tried to stay honest enough there but it was hard trying to claw my way ahead of everyone else, and one day I saw an ad on social media for the city of gold known as Los Santos. So here we are. 26, alone, tired, had my car stolen almost as soon as I hit the city limits. It's rough, but I can see the opportunity.

Back to clawing my way up I guess. Any friendly faces out there don't be scared to gimme a shout. Be nice to have someone on your side through this hellhole.

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4 hours ago, SaltyPython said:

Heya buddy, welcome to the city. Hope ya like it here!


(( I think you're taking this thread ICly, but this is an OOC section! The place for this kind of topic ICly is here: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/45-roleplay/. I already like it tho, welcome ❤️ ))

Oh crap sorry! But thank you for the welcome!! So far it's been a bit crazy but fun!

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