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Alex Pilot

Remove Car Bug In Water and Easy Fight

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1- Do that when your car is in the water it’s just broken like if it was exploded and you can get it back from mors. Cause some times when it get into water there is no way to get it out.


2- Remove the bug that in your screen you hit someone like 20 times but in real you just hit him 3 times. Remove the fact we have to spam left and right mouse to hit someone. Just 1 click and we can hit him...

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Cars in water - Generally an admin can get it and send it to Mors pretty quick. I'm not sure it should just vanish, there are times you can drive across a river with a truck and it might cause it to despawn. Id rather see functionality for mechanics to send it to mors, after RPing recovering the sunken vehicle.

Double click punch - As for the double click punch: before, MC punches happened far too often, sometimes injuring people, and always distrupting RP. I think the double click punch should stay.

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