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Suggestions for Miner Job

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Hello amazing people,

Suggestion #1:

This suggestion is more of a visual suggestion for miner job. I would like if there was a bar identifying how many ores are present in the rock I'm mining. Adding a bar while mining. In the shown figure, there are 4 ores to be mined. That's why there are 4 slots with a pickaxe as a progress bar.


Suggestion #2: 

While mining with a box or a bag under you if you press "I" it will open the inventory doing the animation of looking down at the bag/box. Removing the animation if you're mining the rock would make more sense or disallowing pressing "I" while mining. 

Suggestion #3:

First time ever taking the job, I took it from the marker then I didn't know where to go as I had no knowledge of the map. I didn't see the tunnel or the cave to mine into. Until my sight served me and I saw people going in it. So a small informing text of what to do once you take the job would be good "We don't want new players confused".

This text should be appearing.


Welcome to the mines, you're now a miner. Head to the mining tunnel located south of you and start digging ores out. REMEMBER* a bag or a crate would make the job easier and more profitable.

Suggestion #4: 

Adding a job description in the job panel ingame 


But instead of adding list of commands, adding a description of what to do and the foundry location with the picture of it on the map.

What's more important than features is knowledge of their existence, I think being more informative encourage more people to carry on playing. People tend to quit hard things. Please take these into considration.


Topic is opened for discussions.

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Overall I would give this a -1. Some suggestions are decent but there is way too much suggested to basically make mining mindless. People need to figure things out, you can't just spoon feed all the information. Below are comments on each suggestion.

Suggestion 1:

I don't really see much of a purpose or need for this. The only visual aid you need is knowing that there is ore to mine in a specific spot which is already in the game. Knowing any more than this would provide unbalanced advantages such as people just leaving one ore left in all the rocks, hitting rocks and only staying at the ones with the most ore, etc. That is just way too much information to provide people and is honestly just lazy.

Suggestion 2:

How would this benefit mining at all?

Suggestion 3:

I agree that something should be stated in a text box but not the "REMEMBER* a bag or a crate would make the job easier and more profitable." That is information that people need to figure out on their own. 

Suggestion 4:

The job description for mining should follow the same template as all the other jobs. Anything different and it would need to be done for every job or else it's not really fair/balanced.

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