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Pavey Jones

Back home, but what's changed?

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Michael Malvern to the passenger next to him on an Air Emu flight.

Guess I should start from the beginning...

My parents grew up in Sandy Shores, yeah, that giant shithole trailer park by the Alamo Cesspool. Fortunately, I wasn't raised there, too. After I was born they moved to Grapevine. My mom wound up leaving when I was six, so my Dad did the best he could. She's probably dancing on a bar in Las Venturas right now. Or OD'd in a ditch somewhere.

My pops did honest work. He was a plane mexhanic, you see? Could tear down a Cuban 800 and have it fly out smoother than a Velum. Anyway, when I wasn't doing the typical shit kids did, I was watching the crop dusters fly off the dirt track and buzz the fields. Probably got me where I was.

When I was 14 he got work on Paleto Bay fixing the Sheriff's Chopper. Of course, the rebellious little shit that I was, I started getting into trouble. A fight there, going at it with some ditsy girl from school in the school bathroom, weed. Stuff like that.

My dad passed away a bit after I turned 17. Cancer. Told me to live my life how I felt like I should. Never told me he was disappointed or nothing. Had to live with my gramps in Los Santos until I was 18. As soon as I could, I went to a recruiting office.

Navy set me up with free college and I came in as an officer. Trained me to be a pilot. Eight years later I felt tired of being chained down by uniform regs and professionalism. Left as a Lieutenant.

Made the mistake of trying to be a commercial pilot after that. Didn't last long, though. One ounce of the Devil's Lettuce and a pop on a piss test later, and I was packed and on my way back to San Andreas.

Only one thing is on my mind right now. Alright, two things. First, how bad the seats in coach hurt my ass. Second, I'm coming back home, so what's changed in the ten years I've been gone?

Aw shit... You slept through that whole thing, huh? At least share the armrest...


Michael Malvern is a 28-year-old San Andreas native, and retired Navy pilot. After the Navy he flew for a commercial airline until he popped on a piss test for marijuana. It's been ten years since he's been in San Andreas.

And half an hour since I lost the game...

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