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Allow players to deposit money into other players' bank accounts.

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With the current system in place, running a self-made business is almost impossible without being online 24/7. You have to actually walk to another player and give them money in person- I do not believe this is realistic.


For example, if I were to open a courier service, I could not have employees from different timezones or that I did not absolutely trust at a personal level- the risk of theft or fraud would be much too great. They would have to count on me to meet somewhere and pay them on time, every time, and I would have to count on them to do the same with my profits. If I was offline, I would have to trust them to keep accurate books so I could get my fair cut.


If they were able to, for example, deposit money into my account instead, this would alleviate some of the problems. I would he able to hire from different timezones, and audits into employees would be much easier with accurate records of payments and times.

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+1 don’t know the implementation of this but I’d think it’d be like phone numbers, add a players name and bank account and have the ability to send and receive money from said player in your contacts/bank app. Navy federal does this in real-life with Zelle and if the member your transferring to is also a navy federal member

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