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Different donator tiers

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As the title suggests, i feel it would be a cool idea to have more then one tier of donators with different perks on the forums and discord, it will also be a motive and a little bonus to the people who already reached donor status on the server, if you guys have any suggestions or ideas on what the perks/add on's should be leave it down below on the comments, i'll edit this post and put the ideas onto here with your name as credit.

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I guess the levels could be like:

Donator : 100 euros 

Donator+ : 150 euros (or 250)

Donator++ : 200 euros (or 500)

I'm not quite sure what the forums and discord perks would be though other than new titles, new channels, or additional forum sections.

Additionally, perhaps a second system like VIP could be implemented in game for the "donator" levels as well. Of course it shouldn't add things that VIP already does to avoid making VIP null but rather let you access different things as perks but not diminish anything already existing. What I mean is any of the perks shouldn't add any way to bypass or take away from systems in place like the weasel advertisement situation. I'm not sure what new could be added as a passive bonus not covered by VIP that wouldn't be conceived as pay to win.

Something numerous people have suggested is additional cosmetics like clothing/attire. Building upon that perhaps adding "unique/novelty" furniture as well. 

This could be set up like how the importing cars is already done but it could have different "shops" for each "donator" level. So there could be one accessible to anyone with credits like importing cars currently. Another would be accessible at 100 euros and a 3rd at 150+(or 250+) euros, and a fourth at 200+(or 500+) euros. Each "shop" would have various clothing or furniture you could get and perhaps new vehicles would become accessible as well.


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