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Commands to remove clothing, accessories, shoes etc.

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There should be a command to remove clothing, accessories, shoes etc. like if you want to undress yourself. Like ( /toggle "hat", "glasses", "tops", "pants" "undershirt", "shoes" etc. ) it would go straight to your inventory.

Also if possible undress others but they would be asked for permission ( /undress [PlayerID] ) then it would show up like the frisk approval "/acceptundress [PlayerID]"


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I think the entire outift UI needs an update. There are several issues with it that could use improving.

1) t-shirts not showing or clipping, and changing when you take them off and put them back on.

2) hats and other items just disappearing, and unless you want to buy a new one everytime you switch cloths, you just cant use them.

3) no way to save outfits and the item system takes up a lot of room, and requires remembering what ID they have.

Most of us resort to using the same outift all the time because it is too much of a hassle to switch out cloths. It would be great to have a few save slots for outfits, and fix some of the quirks in the system. 

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