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Weazel Office Permissions - tweak needed

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Date and time (provide timezone): June 8th 2019 - EST

Character name:  Bellamy James

Issue/bug you are reporting: The permissions are a bit wonky for our office that we're trying to work on. Currently I as editor can only lock/unlock the office but cannot place furniture... , and the interim ceo can only add/remove furniture.... but cannot lock/unlock the office. Ballin tried to change the permissions but even as ceo he was unable to provide me with the ability to do furniture. Not sure if this bug report is the appropriate place for this. 

Expected behavior:  

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate

Vehicle license plate number*

Edited by BellamyJames

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Hello and thanks for making us aware, This issue has been fixed I have contact weazel members to confirm.

Locked & Archived

Kind Regards

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