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Props, production, and a bit about supply chains.

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Supply Chains


Why I believe the server is missing a large aspect of roleplay that would greatly benefit if ever implemented. 

As of right now we have a harvesting job. That is our supplier. After they man they take that ore over to the refinery, a producer. Then, nothing. The chain ends and their is no logistical need, no form of roleplay, nothing. Just a hunk of ores that get melted down and sit for the rest of... ever.


Here is my brain blast


Why does it stop there? Well because there is no system to take the by product of this resource. My proposition? 


  • Make a lumber job at the saw-mill outside of town.


  • Create a furniture producer position that may or may not be able also sell their own furniture (not sure if they should instead sell to a supplier like a 24/7 mart, or furniture store)


  • Possibly make weapon production a by product of needing to also import the metals from the factory in town.


Lumber Job Description


A general description of the job. It would be operated out of this location:

The player would get the job just like the mining one. They'd then approach a tree near the mill and cut it down with a hatchet. This grants them wood, which can then be sold directly inside of the lumber mill. (Maybe have the ability to refine the raw wood in the mill to add an extra step?) They would get paid the same as the mining job once they drop off the wood (raw or refined). 


Furniture Producer Position


A furniture producer would need a business location, or perhaps a warehouse. From there they would pay a trucker to deliver raw materials. Once the materials arrive, they can produce furniture of all different types requiring a varying amount of materials. These would of course be the props we see day to day, or put into our homes. They'll either sell them themselves (with the proper licensing) or sell them to a furniture store.


Weapon Production


An interesting dynamic of which I'm currently unsure of whether or not it has been discussed. With this, you'll of course operate in the same way as the aforementioned role of furniture maker. Create the weapons, sell them legally or non in a warehouse, make $$$$. This opens up the future for creating modifications that could be attached to weapons, further expanding the current system in place.


Final Notes


I don't credit myself as an expert to how modding within the RAGE client or even GTA itself works. Nor do I understand if everything that I've suggested is possible. However if it is, it would add more civil gameplay for business owners, and open up more jobs that a citizen could perform without just rob-rob-rob and shoot. (even though it is very fun for some of you). Warehouse employees, more truckers, lumber workers, and salesmen. 

Hey, sounds good to me. Let me know what you think, or anything you'd change below! Gods please read this.

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