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Group Funds

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Introduce Group Funds. 


The ability for a small group to contribute funds towards a single account. So when you approach to deposit at ATMs you can select where to deposit, same with withdrawal. 


Possibly have this account accessible by all members, certain roles, whatever. Just somewhere where people can get a group sense of accomplishment, they then can buy houses together. 



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4 hours ago, Goaldan said:

Official factions already have this, it's called a treasury.  

Neat. That makes it easier to implement for everyone else. Just call it a Joint Bank Account.  

Maybe others want to have the opportunity to do this also. Such a basic thing should not be open to only those within factions (curious to know % of player base that is in factions?


New city role - Bank Teller
By paying £10,000 NON-Faction players can join with others to contribute towards a shared fund. 

This can be achieved by visiting the newly created role at an appropriate location.

 To cover maintenance costs a small administration fee of £1000 (Rough guess, open to change) can be introduced to help cover costs and employee fees. 



Greater player sense of building/continuity/accomplishment

New Government Role




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