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Newcomer to GTA:RP environment

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I joined Eclipse yesterday, so I might not be a familiar face


My name is Viljo, I'm from Finland, and I am going to make a proper introduction right ahead.

I am an enthuastic roleplayer, I have a whopping 6 year experience with roleplaying, in many different environments and games, so I am not surprised if name Viljo or viljoeL(my old nick) rings a bell :D


About my past, when I was 12-13, I am not that happy about it, I was that person who would hop on to GMod and be a horrible roleplayer in DarkRP, I always set up a gun shop or sold black market stuff in the streets, with no /me's or /it's, just adverting and selling.

Then at mid-September, I was introduced to a semi-serious world by a good swedish friend of mine, she took me under her wing and started teaching me with everything, how to use the commands properly, how to manage a character, and make a nice backstory about your RP character, I started to take interest to the whole roleplaying idea, and I decided to stay in the semi-serious RP world, I enjoyed my time there for 3 years...

I turnt 16, I was getting more experience more around GMod, I was playing Half-Life RP, PERP and list goes on. In the end I always returned to that one community that she introduced me to, I even managed to get administrator rank there, I was 1 ½ years an admin there, then I resigned and left the community, chasing something else...

Now I am here, enthusiastic learner in GTA RP


If you want to RP sometime, just hit me up anywhere..


I apologize if I advertised something in this thread, I just wanted to introduce myself properly, and tell about my past, since I really want to get to know this community, because so far this seems to be the most active and friendliest.

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DarkRP has always been a very light rp experience so it isn't so bad, it's where I started off with 'roleplay' games and I still consider it a fun gamemode, but it's full of 12 year olds.


Agreed, you can still make DarkRP enjoyable experience if you just stick to your own gameplan :) But it was my first-hand experience with rping, probably better than going to seriousRP completely clueless :D

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