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adding way to listen to music outside of car

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It would be nice to be able to listen to a song while not inside of a car, via GTA radio. On an old rp server there was a "boombox radio" item that you could put on the ground and play music. There was also an "mp3 player" item that would allow you to listen to music to just yourself.


Good uses for boombox radio it was nice for house parties, parties in general, and background noise for your fishing session. Having a way to change the poor music in some places to something a bit better. Having your employees have some tunes for working hours (mechanics, and other jobs that require just chilling for a long period of time.) 

Good uses for mp3 player are, whenever you want to listen to music without having to leave the game. There are tons of areas this could be cool in.

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I think it's tops! I listen to music all time ; at work; in the car; at home in the morning and in the evening. Music is part of me. What sites do you use to download music for free? I found one site ( avandalagu.com ). It's very awesome because there are a lot of different genres of music ( from pop to south korean singers). The site is made of high quality, so you can listen and download music easily and quickly. By the way I enjoy dancing and especially for dance lovers (like me haha) there is a cool trick that you can download Mp4 Video Format. 

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