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As a new member of the community and a new roleplayer in general I feel like it's important to learn from those of you that have more experience. I plan to work my way up into the police force but want to experience everything I can along the way: DoC,EMS, etc. So my question for the more experienced members is... What can I do as a new LS resident to improve the quality of my RP and make sure that I can be a productive member of the community? I would like to reduce the number of mistakes I make and try to grow my knowledge and ability to the level needed for the RP heavy roles named above. Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions. 🙂 


P.s. I know this won't happen overnight so I'm not expecting to wake up in a few days and be amazing at RP lol. 

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Well, I can tell you that you already have made the first step into improving your roleplay quality by just creating this post and seeking for advice. Of course I am not gonna give you no detailed information about the world of eclipse as you will have to see it for yourself and learn on your own. But when it comes to roleplay at it is I can give you few pointers.

*Follow the rules!
*Act as you would think your character would act in real life.
*Do not roleplay to come out as a winner from every situation.
*Every single detail you think you can add to your roleplay is worth it. There is no such thing as bad detail.
*Do not get discouraged if you feel your roleplay is plain. You will learn and improve.
*Stay in character at all times. If you feel other involved party is breaking a rule, still roleplay and just report after the play.

These are few general tips you should always follow. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask here or you can always PM me if anything. Hope to see you on the battlefield!

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Thanks for the tips. I'll keep them all in mind as I play especially the one about not always being a winner. I know it's odd for me (and perhaps other new players) to  understand that this isn't a game to be beaten but a world to explore and a journey to be had. It's very different than a standard "beat x number of levels and you win" style game which is what drew me to it in the first place. 

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