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Keep reduced IC prison sentences in prison, not PD

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So I don't know if it just happened to me, but a few of my friends have experienced the same, so I'm gonna assume it's always.

Basically if you have your prison sentence reduced IC'ly, you get released and then put back to prison by an admin.  My issue however is that when you're in the DOC prison, there's RP, interactions and it's genuinely fun - however upon being reduced and put back to jail, I was instead put in the PD cells where you're on your own, no cops or real interaction with everyone.

I would rather have to spend double the amount of time in jail and have fun than reduce it and be stuck on my own bored out of my brain.


There's always a chance that the staff member just used the wrong command for me and my friends in the past, but if not it would be great if they could have a command which lets them put you in DOC prison.

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