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List of Suggestions.

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List of Suggestions



0. Authorities Alerted if cars are being broken into. This would be an option at Bayview and LSC, it would be a vehicle modification. While at LSC or Bayview, when you do /modview, you would get an option to add a "Theft Prevention Device" where as if your vehicle is getting lock picked by someone, it would automatically alert the Police of the attempted theft. 

An example script line would be: 

[911] CALL 347 - (Theft Prevention) The Alarm System has been activated on a Red Jester, /resp 347 to respond. 


1. Notepad and Pen Animation. (Instead of notes being in your phone, you could /anim notepad and a notepad and pen would show in your hands for purposes of roleplay and PD taking statements or information. Maybe even a /notepad where it gives you the animation and actually allows you to type in notes.

Possible Commands:

/anim notepad

/notepad (write/delete/save) Text Here.



2. If possible, the ability to actually open a car trunk. Instead of using "i" to check vehicle inventory, you would have to actually open the vehicles trunk.


3. Riot Shields for PD (Already suggested I believe)


4. I believe this is already suggested as well, but I would like to see a scripted detailed system for owning clubs and bars. Owners could open their bars or club and have options to charge a door fee as well as at the bar inside, they could sell food and drinks.

Possible Commands:

/selldrink (ID) drink options. / Dialog shows up with drinks, the bartender or worker would click on the drink type in the dialog to sell to the guest. 

Custom Prices for the food and drinks they want to sell.

/sellfood (ID) food options. / Same as for the drinks.


5. Change taxi notifications, right now the notifications bleep at the top center of the screen every so many meters. Therefore its almost like a constant BEEP - BEEP - BEEP - and it gets annoying after so long especially if your currently in a roleplay where people are using VOIP via radio or around you.


6. As suggested at the below listed link: Weapons should be harder to obtain. Leave your +1 or -1 on the thread linked!



Agree or Disagree, leave your inputs! I will start drafting a new list of suggestions to post in the near future! 6. 




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0. -1 Non-IRL. I reckon a LIVE GPS DEVICE would be much better. You could give the gps details to the police for them to try and find the vehicle, and criminals could be able to remove the device.

1. BIG +1

2. Also +1

3. +1 (recent protests were poorly dealt with by the police, as police used force on a peaceful protest) - maybe riot shields could be used instead.

4. +1

5. Already been mentioned in previous server suggestion post. +1 nonetheless.

6. +1


Overall, good ideas. Some have been repeated but I hope this thread get’s a lot of replies, because your ideas about the visual side of the game are outstanding!

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