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((You reached this "forum" using a VPN, as such, every info disclosed in here can't be used against anonymouses))

Hello there, travellers.
My name has little importance in this context, as such, i would also request that any of the people that will respond on this site to not disclose any personal information other than the own phone number.
Having said that, i can introduce you all to the latest Exclusive form of entertainment: Battle Royale.

It will consist of 10 participants, the place in which the event's taking place will be disclosed to all the partecipants at the opportune time.
Each partecipant will be given a melee weapon of their choise.
The end goal is to finish off every other partecipant, securing her or his place as the sole survivor.

The partecipants will also have to pay a 10k entry fee.
The winner will also be rewarded with 150k.

Lastly, the partecipants agree to put their lives in danger by subscribing to this event.

There are no rules, every drop of blood is expected and, there will not be any doctors.

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