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Completely new and minty fresh to gta v rp

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So uh.. im here to introduce myself? I'm MineTeamLeader (or Ash). i'm completely new to any sort of in-game roleplay, but i have years of literate text based rp experience, doesn't stop me being a nervous wreck though! I might or might not be quite active as in real life i do a level 2 animal care course in college for four days outta  the week days, and volunteer at a cat rescue on thursdays for 7-ish hours. I was born, raised, and am still living in Northern Ireland so despite being utterlyyy terrified of new situations i have the nads of a lion and swearing makes up 80% of my daily vocab.

oh- i forgot to brag about my pets (and pets that arent technically mine but really secretly are). I legitimately own a russian dwarf hamster (DEVIL) called Zarya, a cat called Duchess, and a Bearded Dragon called Yoshi. Outside of my home i have 'my' dog Skye, the two leopard geckos Bonnie and Clyde, my ball python Sammy (my scale-y daughter), and i generally include any cat at the shelter into that mad mix.


Just to stop myself from rambling on about myself, one last thing- something i don't know if you guys could tell. Asides from rp and writing fanfics, my most favorite thing in the world iss... animals! 😱

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I recently wanted to try out working at Zoo, but found out that you need some previous education around animals, so it was a flop for me, cuz Im at that age where I have to pay rent, so I cannot volunteer at the Zoo. You on the other hand sound like next Crocodile hunter.

Talking about you being a nervous wreck, I totally understand you, I started the same way and still, sometimes, am nervous in situation due to the fact that English is not my first language so I feel bit limited. That being said I have to point out the fact that most of the people in here are non-English (at least I think so), so don't you worry.

I would guess you come from forum roleplays? I've been part of some myself. About the roleplay in game, what I could suggest is to figure out your characters persona, its prologue as that will help you to figure out how to react to certain situations. Always think - what would my character do, considering he's this and that. If you live a legal life, then of course you should follow that example, and never even if it feels tempting, do things that any law abiding citizen would not do. Read the rules and make sure you follow them. Do not try to win situations, because you feel you want to. Follow common sense and logic.

I hope you will enjoy your stay here!

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