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A civilian/criminal use for laptops

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I remember finding a laptop in one of the stores of Los Santos and thinking "that's probably really useful to have". After trying to figure out what it did for hours I asked some people and found out that they have no use for civilians, but they're still sold around the city. I was quite disappointed to find this out but I kept going for another year, I just checked to see if laptops had a civilian use yet but to my surprise it didn't, which is why I come here with a suggestion that I've been told is a pretty good one.

Why not give citizens the ability to use laptops to review their own cameras, for example if you have a camera inside of your house. Currently there's no way to check the footage (at least not actually check it). But if you're the owner of the camera and have a laptop, boom.

Not only that but I think citizens or rather criminals should be able to use laptops to play a hacking minigame to attempt to tap in to stores cameras or security, I do believe however that the laptop would need to be close to the camera, not insanely close but possibly outside in a car, and if the minigame is failed the alarm goes off instantly instead of shutting the cameras down for the next 10-15 minutes.

I believe by adding this not only does laptops gain a use for more people and also give civilian cameras a proper use on top of that and lets civilians keep their homes safe.
But not only that it adds a new element to the criminals to use while still being a real world problem.

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The cameras you buy from the furniture store are not quite the same as the ones LEOS use to review CCTV at stores and whatnot. Not sure how viable this specific idea would be since im not sure code wise how the cctv cameras that you can actually watch footage from work.


However +1 to the idea of giving them some use.

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