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Jay Plague

Working TVs

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It would be cool if some TVs and screens were added to the game that can play YouTube links similar to the speakers. This would be helpful to everyone and would make the interiors of houses seem less dead, as well as offer RP for businesses such as movie theaters, or news studios.


I have seen this done on other servers and games and it really helps liven things up. 


For example. Weasle News could have a YouTube channel and post their news stories that could be watched on a TV in your house or apartment.


In general. It would be cool to see more things to do inside your home or property with working appliances. But the TV would be at the top of the list in my opinion.

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- 1. I dont think the ammount of work required to make this a reality is neccessary. 

If people want to RP watching stuff with friends in game, the very straightforward way to do that is RP it, then tab into a discord to  watchparty or similar. This happens all the time. There even used to be a cinema organisation that ran off of the concept. People came into the cinema, sat down with their chicken popcorn and sodas, and then tabbed out to watch a movie being streamed on discord.

The Development team for ECRP is tissue thin and i think they could be working on more meaningful things.

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Watching TV on Discord is immersion-breaking, plus at that point if it wasn't a business, you might as well not even be logged on. A house shouldn't feel like one big storage closet with furniture wallpaper. There is currently 0 reason to be inside a home that people are spending millions on. Its a place to park your vehicle and store items. But the interiors feel dead.


In your home you should be able to...

-Cook food

-Watch TV

- Take a shower

- Use a house phone

- Use a computer

and other things that would just make the home feel like a home, and not just a place to line with safes to store items.


Just one man's opinion though. 

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I agree that everything you suggest would be a neat feature. But going back to my final point, the dev team is limited and has to prioritise adding things they believe will add the most to the server. If we are talking about immersion and RP, all the things you have suggested could be RPed with /me and /do. 

I own property and use it often, not just a place to store my belongings, which by the way, is sort of one of the things a house is for IRL, but also to have friends round for parties, a place to work on my ic job in private, i built an office and a studio in mine for this, and a place to just chill and watch tv whilst sending texts on my phone. In otherwords, im doing most of the things youve suggested already. And i didnt need a single script action to do it.

If a player wants to RP using a computer, they /anim type by a Laptop prop, then tab out. This is commonly done with gov jobs. Same, with TVs. 

Theres nothing stopping you RPing cooking or taking a shower in your apartment.l if your goal is RP immersion. The server is only starting to look into a buff system for taking drugs so perhaps in the future purchasing groceries and cooking nutritious meals at home which offer bonuses beyond just filling your hunger meter could be cool. Ditto if there was a cleanliness buff/meter. Maybe it would aid passive HP recovery, iunno.

Going back to the original point tho, this is a RP heavy server however with severe script limitations and limited development resources. Part of the deal is rping out activities via text that other servers might have a script mechanic for. So that the dev team can work on larger, more fruitful updates (lifeinvader, Gun update, Casino etc.)


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I understand everything can't be a script.


But it would be nice to cook on a stove inside my home similar to a campfire. 


There is very little enjoyment in typing in-depth shower RP by myself in my home lmfao. There isn't even a shower animation.


And you said you were watching TV while texting, if I came into your home it would be cool to see that without you inviting me to a discord. 


a working IC home computer could simply be the phone screen without the phone option. so you can message kinda like Instant Messenger, check Life Invader, check the gov website, order a taxi, type notes specific to that device as like "files" 


You said the interior is cool for like house parties and stuff, which is true. But the second you don't have anyone with you to see what you're doing it just almost feels like it would be the same as if you just logged out and logged back on when you left the house.


Tabbing out and joining a discord call when you only have 1 screen like I do also just feels like you stopped playing the game to watch YouTube instead of it being a cool feature of the game.


I would assume the goal is to eventually tab out of the game as little as possible, that would be the most immersive. 


And a TV would right away make the house feel more alive adding sound and visuals. 


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