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Willy Noff

Howdy partner! Willie Noff the new guy.

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Just wanted to stop by and let you know I'm here! I am brand spanking new to GTA RP. I have been so bored playing the same boring games lately. I started to watch some twitch streamers play on the NP RP server and thought that i really needed to try this out. I randomly picked Eclipse RP from searching on google and so far it's been a really fun experience. After I figured out how to launch the game and get signed up it was really straightforward. I started walking until I found Burger Shot. Started introducing myself to strangers and hit it off with a handful of construction workers who gave me some really helpful tips. Shout out to Reagan King who helped me get my drivers/trucking license. Jerome Biggs, Theo Flee, and Lacey Biddington. Looking forward to gaining more work experience and buying my first car. 

day 1.PNG

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