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More Options For Criminals

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For the smaller side criminal its almost impossible to make your way doing anything relatively fun on the criminal side. Anytime you head to a lab to round up a few plants or chop a car you're met by a group of 8 people instantly robbing you with very low RP involved. Maybe introduce the option to grow weed and make blunts in your apartment, or a place to take a stolen car to just sell off without the chop for less money than you would get if you chopped it. Something a group of 2 or a solo criminal could do since not everyone is in a huge org or gang. 

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There are several options already available to solo criminals, things that I have personally done as a solo criminal for hours and made decent money:

  • Chopping cars for only their doors and wheels. I have done this quite a lot and never been caught and never been robbed.
  • House robberies solo. This is fairly easy and only requires a vehicle to move the stuff. 
  • ATM robberies. These recently got their payout buffed and the chances of having the cops called reduced, making it quite a good option. 
  • Solo private lab cooking in an RV or right outside your house.
  • Stealing from, or robbing other players. 
  • Doing jobs for bigger gangs, such as being a drug or gun dealer for them. This is more viable now that guns are cheaper and drugs are actually useful on the street to players.

I am sure I could name more as well, but I think you get the idea. There are more than enough solo crim options already. 

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