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White Tie Wealth Management

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      White Tie Wealth Management 


It’s not personal, it’s business. A common phrase used typically when titans of the financial industry clash. Nothing different here. Shane Michael, White Tie Wealth Managements founder, is a young professional himself who is a master of his art and trade. Coming from Wall Street and the grips of the corporate world, Shane found himself as a bit of an outcast with his unconventional, out of the box thinking and desire for rapid growth through any means. His motto, “if we can make a dollar on it, we will” always exceled him in his career and put him ahead. However, being a young professional in the corporate world, especially with an attitude like his will set you apart both in good ways and bad. Executives from his prior employer saw his youthfulness as “playful” and he wasn’t taken seriously. Fed up, underappreciated and underutilized, he left knowing he could do it better… and he has.

White Tie Wealth Management (WTWM), or more commonly referred to as White Tie, is the brainchild birthed from Shane Michael. White Tie is ran like a corporate entity, only being filled with the brightest, most aggressive and hungry businessmen and women it can find. However, it is not as conventional as a corporate entity. “If we can make a dollar on it, we will” has been taken to the next level. Criminal level. Money is made here not only through legitimate business, but through the manufacturing of drugs, the sale of firearms, buying, selling and chopping vehicles, gambling events, loans and much more. The true nature of the success of White Tie is a safely guarded secret and is only known by its investors. Shane Michael and White Tie may not be big or well known yet, but its rapid growth and expansion has been compared to what Shane refers to as “iFruit like”… where no one paid any attention to it in the beginning, but sure wished they had gotten on board when it started after seeing its success now. White Tie is also not known as an “aggressive entity” in the physical aspect. Violence is not their forte. Their success always comes from playing it smart or by being 2 steps ahead of everyone else. Their lack of violence is not to be taken lightly, however. This is a wealthy and smart group… and wealth buys a lot of things.

Current Situation

White Tie is small, but it is now opening its doors to new investors. Money is flowing in at impressive rate for its small size and is ready to take it to the next step. Shane has been testing the markets all around the city for the most profitable avenues and has arrived at some conclusions. Pushed, pulled and bullied by gangs and other ill-organized groups, White Tie is ready to hit back where it hurts; their wallets. They may think they run the streets now, but they will be quickly reminded that they are just a pawn in the game… and have been running 2 steps behind this whole time.

We are a group of business-minded individuals. We are smart, we think critically, we think creatively and we try to stay one step ahead of the competition. The competition is every other organization in the city. If they are making money in one facet, we will compete, and we will do it better. “If we can make a dollar on it, we will”.

The Future

Put simply, White Tie wants to own the biggest piece of the city it can. Starting with a core group of investors, they will slowly make their mark on the real estate, weapons, drug, and vehicle markets. Sprinkle in a few more creative ideas and you have the biggest and most untouchable company around. A monopoly if you will. It is all business with this group. The true future goals of this company are again, a well guarded secret, but with some prying and careful investigation, it would seem they have their eyes fixed on Real Estate (commercial and residential). There have also been some talks about a certain “strip of highway”, but its hard to decipher what that means or if this just a maze to send moles and investigators through.  

Dress Code

White Tie is a business organization and all investors should dress the part. Business casual and/or business attire are required. Of course, no matter the outfit, a white tie must be displayed. However, depending on the current business being conducted, some investors may be permitted to break the dress code.

RP Requirements & Organization Requirements

We are a professional group and all RP must be conducted as such. We do not use slang terminology, we do not insult other people and we do not break our professional sense. We remain calm in all situations, we are courteous, proper and above all: we are all about business. Failure to remain professional can mean immediate and permanent termination. Proper and creative RP is what we are all about and should be conveyed as such. Coaching can be done here as the RP aspect (/do’s, /me’s) can easily be learned and our groups is already comprised of faster learners!

There are no XP requirements for this organization. White Tie sees people for how they will be, not for how they are. We will train, coach up and work with all investors to ensure their and most importantly, our success.

It is required that all investors are to be active and participate in corporate decisions and business. This means investing both time and money. You must attend meetings and be active within the organization. Failure to be active or serve as an asset to the company will result in permanent termination.

Above all, we are all about fairness. Fairness includes the understanding of the rules. We like to maintain a solid reputation and we will hold that true by following all rules of the server.

Corporate Structure

White Tie Wealth Management has a very simple structure. Shane Michael is the founder, at the top and all final decisions are made by him. The rest of the organization are comprised of investors. Nothing more, nothing less. Every investor has a say in company meetings and how the company shall be ran. What you get from White Tie is what you put in. This is business; the more you are invested, the more you are rewarded. Company goals, direction and success are to be voted on by all investors and followed through by all investors - Majority rules. Shane will place his seal of approval on all ideas after they have been voted on by the investors.  Think of White Tie as if it were a share. You may own 10 shares and someone else owns 100. You are both shareholders, but the person with 100 will certainly earn more with their investment than the person with only 10.



White Tie will ALWAYS entertain partnerships with other organizations within the city. We will treat each and every other organization with the upmost respect and professionalism, regardless of our relationship with them. This is business! If we can make money together, why shouldn’t we? Partnerships do not mean these individuals become Investors. We may be in bed together, but we don’t have to share our secrets. We do not screw over our partners, however if they choose to cross us, we will handle it. Period. If another organization wishes to speak about a partnership, please have them find an investor and details will be discussed. We look forward to working with you.


If you are lucky enough to be employed by White Tie Wealth Management, you would know how detrimental it would be to yourself to leave or get fired. If you leave or are terminated (investor voted), you will be permanently removed from the organization, all communication from the organization and you will cease, and in some cases you will lose any/all investment you have put into the company. This cutthroat attitude of the company is to ensure we retain our investors and grow. Turn over is not something we tolerate.


From Shane Michael:
White Tie Wealth Management is now accepting applications. We are looking for new investors to join our team. It’s all about making money and obtaining assets. We are looking for motivated, professional, smart and creative individuals. You do not need to come into the company as a wealthy individual. White Tie sees you for what you WILL be, not for what you are now. If we hire you, know that you are part of an elite group of business men and woman and you will be successful. Only once hired, will you learn about the businesses plans for growth. The application process will be thorough and a very careful process (investor voted). We will look at and speak with all applicants and feedback will be given no matter the results of your application. If you are in another gang, group or organization, know that your application will be 100% confidential. This business is ran on confidentiality and will be held to that standard at all times. We protect our own! If we choose you to be an investor and you are part of another organization, we will require you to part ways with said organization as your full time commitment will be necessary here at White Tie.

If you wish to apply, locate an investor and ask about the business. Investors will be easy to spot with their white ties and business/business casual attire. If the investor thinks you might be a good fit based on the initial conversation, you will be provided with instruction to apply. Your interview will be with Shane Michael himself.

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Business Report for 2/11/2019

Very successful day for WTWM. The companies investor with top earnings for the day saw a 22% increase in growth across all avenues of "business"; not bad for a small operation. 

White Ties founder, Shane Michael, says "we have found a new way to make some easy and quick money that I don't believe other organizations have quite exploited... at least not on the level we are about to... so yeah, things are starting well for us"

There are still openings for new Investors with White Tie.

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