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Rework /analyzewounds

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Currently analyzing someone's wounds is pretty unreliable, either they don't have any (while downed) or have 20 bullets in them when they've been shot (which should kill them). Because of this, players have to make up what injury they have when they're being treated by a medic. Most of us know that people can be very unoriginal with injuries, 90% of them being broken legs. So my suggestion is that the server would generate 1-3 injuries once someone is downed, based on the last 15 seconds. 

If someone was shot and downed, the server would generate GSW's. If someone was driving and got downed, but not shot, then cuts, bruises and broken bones would be a relevant injury. The list goes on and I think everyone has the general idea when and which injuries would be generated. There's also a list of possible injuries in the MD handbook, so devs can look into that to get more ideas.

I think this should improve RP for medics and patients drastically. At least broken legs wouldn't be as common as they are now.

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