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Solitary Confinement Max Limit

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I think Solitary Confinement should be capped at a set time, no more than 30 minutes. To be inside a box where you can not roleplay, interact, earn money, do anything really, seems like more of an OOC punishment than something that promotes RP. 

Some RP that would get you into Solitary, creates great roleplay for DOC but the punishment for the player can make it not worthwhile. 

I understand actions have consequences, but this is still a game at the end of the day and if you punish too harshly then the deterrent will only limit RP opportunities rather than enhance it. 

I am interested in what other people think though, as this is just my opinion on the matter. 


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Hello, I have a character who is a Corporal at DOC so I feel like I'm able to give a good response to this suggestion.

There is a limit that we have based on internal policy (Not sure if I can really say the limit due to it being internal DOC policy), this limit is pretty stritcly followed by everyone within DOC and only people who have been in the faction for multiple months and have reached the rank of Supervisor can break this policy and put people in for over the limit, this is also RARELY done unless you're being an absolute pain in the ass.

Overall we try to avoid putting people in solitary due to the fact that a lot of us agree it can completely cut off RP for someone and we try to save it as a last resort ICly for that reason.

If you get put into solitary just know you either really fucked up or really pissed someone off.

Also would like to say this is more of an IC thing that as much as you might feel like it does has no OOC things relating to it.

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