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Find Santa

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Over Christmas period an one admin per day can hide around the map at a random time of day until found.

Once found, the player who finds them gets a "gift" - a spawned vehicle, or illegal item or in game currency. whichever the admin chooses to gift on that day.


Each admin gets to choose where they hide and must hide until found (one admin per day) there will be an announcement in text chat to tell players that the hunt has started.
Other support admins can dress as Elves and give verrrry subtle hints "hot and cold" style. or the Elves could hold a phrase or password for when you find Santa that you have to give to Santa to receive a specific gift. (if we choose to give multiple gifts per day)

Players who find Santa are not eligible to win a prize a second time but can help other players search the map.


I think this activity will increase civilian player engagement a lot and police would be able to pull over those who are speeding to search locations meaning that players would be less likely to risk arguing with police and being thrown in Jail.

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I think this is a very good idea, the ONLY thing I would change is the illegal item. I don't think you should be able to gain illegal items through admin done events that are not Alt-RP (Matthew Burns Kidnapping, Money Truck, Plane Crash, etc). 

This could be a very cool idea that is already kinda done by a member of the community, Leo Larson, he will randomly do events "Locating Larson" and if you find him you win a car. This could be something cool that he could adapt his thing to over christmas time or staff could do it with the event team.

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