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Entering a vehicle as a passenger issue.

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Date and time (provide timezone):  31/07/2023 10:19am UTC

Character name: Hugo Hernandez

Issue/bug you are reporting: When you attempt to enter a vehicle as a passenger by pressing G once, the game thinks you are holding down G and the menu pops up as you if are selecting a specific seat. That should only happen when you hold down G. I have spoken to others about this issue and it seems to happening to a lot of people.

Expected behavior:  You should be able to press G once and be able to enter the vehicle like normal, not having that specific seat selector UI show up.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: The first clip seen below show me attempting to enter the passenger seat of a Police Crown Vic by only tapping G once yet the specific seat selector UI still shows up. Same goes for the second clip but this time I am entering a personal vehicle. The third clip is another deputy attempting to enter their police vehicle having the same issue. Overall it seems to be happening with a lot of people and its no vehicle in specific.




Vehicle license plate number*: Seems to be happening to all vehicles.

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