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QOL Rain/Vehicle Change

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This is just a simple QOL of life change that I'm unsure people would be too interested in but I am a sucker for a polished vehicle. 

When it rains, ICLY, I would like to suggest that the vehicles become clean like from a car wash. It would help with immersion a bit, and also would be a plus to enduring the scawy thunder storms! Just a playful suggestion that isn't too big.

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Perhaps rather than relying on rain, there could be a mobile detailing/washing capability (unless there is and I don't know) other than the static location car wash or repairs. 

This be some be some sort of item(s) and possibly even a job that could be used to perform car cleaning similar to the car wash that would help prevent getting a car dirty from traveling between the car wash and your desired location. 

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Rain shouldn't make it totally clean as some things you definitely need to scrub to clean off, though you could set it to like 30-40% clean so it doesn't look completely muddy after it has just rained for 20-30 minutes. 

It could just be a simple value change to were if it is raining and the car hasn't been parked for x amount of time it slowly cleans off the vehicle down to a certain % while still being a little dirty.



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On 8/1/2023 at 9:15 AM, Requiem said:

Depending on whats on the vehicle, many times rain alone won't clean dirt off a vehicle though. Usually some high pressure wash or scrubbing is needed to clean most of the dirt off a car. 

I see what you mean. I just wish there was a bit of a positive to the rain. Mostly because in Paleto if you get a car wash and drive into the city, it's already dirty. So if it's that easy to get dirtied maybe we can give a positive quick wash for free. I think it would be satisfying. However, this issue could be fixed with how fast cars get dirty being altered..

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