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Gun store truck orders

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Date and time (provide timezone): 21/JUL/2023 1630 UTC+2

Character name: Martin James

Issue/bug you are reporting: Since the update, gun store deliveries have been messed up. Viewing an order shows the amount of cargo to be delivered, but when loading up at the depot the number doesn't match up. After the initial update it could show one number on the order and then it would be significantly lower when loading. After the recent patch updates, it seems to make no difference what the order says as it loads and delivers 0. There seems to be no difference between real and NPC orders.

Expected behavior:  The cargo ordered and what is being loaded should match up with the standard 1:10 ratio (132 ordered, 1320 loaded) as with all other orders.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicatehttps://streamable.com/7vomhs

Vehicle license plate number*: The problem is not truck specific.

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10 minutes ago, Osvaldon said:

Thanks for letting me know. Gun stores now use a different loading system where the size of the cargo depends on the total weight of the ordered items. The system still needs some work as it would seem 😄

Seems like it. Would also be nice if the weight of orders when viewing them would match what’s actually being loaded for all types of orders instead of it being 10 times more. 

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