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Excessive fuel consumption on a motorcycle [ Sanchez ]

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I don't know if this is an error in the script or if it should be like that, but if we look at it from the Roleplay side, it is not realistic that the entire fuel tank is emptied in 10 OOC minutes. I'm talking about the Sanchez brand motorcycle, I bought it and have been riding it for a while. I asked the players if this particular problem bothers them and they agree with my opinion.

The motorcycle I rode before it, called Enduro, has the same fuel price and can be driven twice as long, and I think it's an excellent price-performance ratio.

While Sanchez is unrealistic in every aspect for a motor that is more expensive, better, has the same fuel price and cannot drive from Los Santos to Paleto Bay without stopping at a gas station, and then compare it with the BF 400, which has a similar fuel price and lasts three times more him and at the same time he is better than him

Sorry for my bad English, it's not my first language

I feel this needs to be fixed tho


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3 minutes ago, Cyrus Raven said:

True! Let's reduce the other bike's fuel tanks too! 🙂

I think that a little better balance should be made in order to use more motorcycles and so that someone could be different if he is not forced to use META vehicles


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