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All information written in the following post is to be taken OOC'ly only, using any of the information provided here in an IC'ly matter would be considered mixing and meta-gaming.




Shortly after the disbanding of Amnesia, Tom Daniels along with Lucas Daniels began to stockpile on weapons on drugs. While their third mate Hoxton Curry would go and join Shadow Cartel, the 2 brothers began to work on their own. Raiding houses, drug labs and ensuring a large stock of heavy weapons. It is then that the 2 brothers met Jason Nightwood, the brother of Shadow Cartel board director Jax Nightwood. Jason Nightwood, unlike his brother aimed for a more legal way of life. After failing his first interview Jason joined Los Santos Customs and progressed his way until he became a Roadside Trainee, shortly after joining Los Santos Customs. Jason met Tom and Lucas once as he was servicing them. From their first interaction with one another, the 3 became close friends. He later learned through the history of the city after hearing stories from the 2, on how once the 2 were a part of a group called Syndicate and on the re-organizing it had into Amnesia which later collapsed. Through them, he would understand how easy it is to earn money through illegal ways in the city. It is then when he met Hoxton Curry as well and learn on how Hoxton was wanted for more than a month at the time of their introduction.

After a 3 days' time, Jason would be fired from LSC due to accessory to robbery, looking for the right time to turn his legal life into a more illegal one, Jason used the chance to contact Tom and ask for assistance in escaping imprisonment at Bolingbroke. As the cruiser stopped at the Pillbox medical center Tom and Jason both escaped the Police and drove north, then Jason decided he had enough living under the tyranny of the current government in Los Santos and not having the ability to stand up for himself in the city. Jason, alongside Tom used his connections to acquire an arsenal of heavy weapons. Which would later server purpose in acquiring narcotics which were used to fund Jason's illegal way of life. While this was going on, Tom Daniels and Lucas Daniels were expecting one of their family relatives. Houston Daniels, to arrive at the Los Santos International Airport. Meeting with their brother, Tom and Lucas helped him establish a few connections in the city alongside an arsenal of weapons and narcotics he would sell for extra funds and assets.

Now, with the right tools and motivations for a criminal life. Jason, Lucas, Tom, and Houston met each other. Looking towards the future of their lives, the 4 agreed to form a small group of their own. They'd call the group "Authority". The mantle was simple: They don't get orders. But instead, enforce their policies and demands on rival gangs and groups. Using their arsenal of weapons and money they made from supplying the less known criminals of Los Santos with heavy weapons and drugs they began to raid houses and mess with gangs four times larger than their size.  A couple of days later, Tom would contact one of the old members of Syndicate before the re-organization: Arian Grayston. And would soon inform him about their plans, joining without a doubt. Arian was the 5th member to be a part of Authority.

The following week would be a major success for Authority. Together, the 5 members managed to acquire themselves more heavy weapons. From a sniper-rifle they later sold to 12 more AKs which would be acquired by Jason after the raiding of a house in Sandy Shores. Authority began to sell their stock of weapons and by doing so would build up funds for a massive order of factory-new weapons that would be bought directly off one of Shadow Cartel's imports due to a contract signed by Tom Daniels and a high ranking member of Shadow Cartel, the contents of the order would be around 800k worth of weapons, who would be stored up in a remote safehouse who's location was known only to the members of Authority. Shortly later, Flip Daniels. Another member of the Daniels family would arrive in town and would meet up with Tom and Lucas, shortly later. He would be the 6th member of Authority. Now, Authority looks to increase its numbers and achieve an even larger scale of weapons trade and narcotics sales all across the city.




As of now, Authority is spending most of their time acquiring an even larger stock of weapons by raiding houses and drug labs in coordinated attacks, they roll around in a group and always inform the others on the radio if any potential rewards can be earned. Most of the time the members of Authority go around and chill, some would call their behavior "childish" and "immature" whether if that's true or not. Whenever Authority receives information of possible heavy weapons or large amounts of narcotics that can be acquired they focus and become as much serious as they can.

Aside from that, Authority is also reaching out to possible new recruits into the organization, however. Authority focuses on quality over quantity. By no means is Authority's goal to achieve the largest number of members.
The process of recruitment into Authority is not a short and easy one by any means, Authority makes sure that any recruits that join are heavily equipped and know how to handle themselves. This comes into play in a couple of forms, one of them being how Authority frequently tests out its new members by getting them into troublesome situations and seeing how they handle in them.

Finally, Authority is going around and making sure that their presence in the city isn't one to go un-noticed. Whenever a person messes with one of the members of Authority. The rest gather up and make sure that the person will not do so again, sometimes this is done by force. And sometimes, it is done with friendly communication. However, Authority always looks for a way to make gains and profit from any situation.




The main goal of Authority currently is to be one of the largest weapons suppliers in the city. With its large supply of heavy weapons Authority aims to make a large profit from the buying and selling of weapons. Currently, Authority has already begun to do so. However, it aims to reach much greater heights then it currently is at.

The second goal of Authority currently is to make itself known. While some of the members are already known throughout the city and different criminal organizations, Authority seeks to make everyone know that they should not be taken lightly. While some people might consider them weak due to their small number of members and lack of response times at some hours of the day. Authority can pack a punch, and it aims to let everyone know that messing with Authority will ensure the people doing so will feel suffer, agony and pain due to their actions.

Authority is by no means against everyone, they attack only those who attack them. While they try to keep everything peaceful Authority provokes other criminal organizations if they think that any sort of profit or gains would be acquired from the situation.  However, Authority is actively looking for a close ally. One with the same ideology and goals as Authority.




- We always follow the server rules and try to give the best RP experience to ourselves and everyone who is included in said RP situation.

- Long-Term Inactivity is something we do not tolerate in Authority. Members who will be inactive for some time must inform the other members of this.

- We always try to make gains from any situation we are in, if no profit is gained in said situation. It is best if we do not spend time that can be spent on other actions that can come in shape of any sort of reward.

- We keep our friends close, but our enemies closer. If someone interferes with our operations and actions, we don't let this go un-noticed. We make sure that the individual knows not to repeat the same mistake again.




Authority is by no means lead by one man, everyone can share their opinions and what actions they believe should be done in specific situations. Therefore, Authority does not have a single "leader". However, Authority's older and more experienced members are the ones usually calling out the shots in most of the situations.

When a member of Authority breaks one of the rules or goes against what Authority believes in, causing major problems to Authority in the process. His future in Authority would be discussed between the oldest of oldest members in Authority.




While in the city, the members of Authority usually hang out at select locations throughout the city of Los Santos and its outskirts. Authority usually focuses on waiting for the right moment to strike. And whenever that moment comes they group up and focus their skills and equipment in a situation where they see major rewards in. If one of the members of Authority is being robbed, threatened or shot. The rest group up and speed of to assist the member who requires the help. In case they are too late or arrive when the aggressors have already run away. Authority seeks out the people that caused the aggression and makes sure they will never do so again.













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