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JasonG a.k.a Winterfield

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Hey guys, what'sup Kevin here. it's JasonG. Might have heard of me as Winterfield from many many moons ago. I come from SA:MP roleplay which makes me far superior. I come from a short string of SA:MP servers, most notably MT-G and the heavily respected NGRP. On NGRP, I was a Head Admin and Director of Dickevelopment. My first group on NG:RP was the Black Hand Triads, which I was apart of for a couple years on and off before their eventual disbandment. From there on, I joined SAPS where I met hitman director mike and pretty much faction hopped until the end of ngrp.



After my retirement from DOD I got a job in real life... currently a manager there and have been 'serving' for three years. I start college in 2019 and I'm going for law. Will probably minor in some business and computer science related stuff

here i am ready to slave my life away again so watch out back street boys!!!!


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