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Prison Roleplay / Temporarily switch character to animal

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So realistically prison isn't that much fun, especially by yourself, and ultimately at the end of the day we want people to enjoy all aspects of roleplaying, including getting arrested by the police.

Warning: This suggestion is very abstract so please consider it with an open mind for the benefits to player experience on all levels.



Players that are jailed ICly can have the option to "go to sleep". When they "go to sleep" their screen will blackout for a few seconds, and they will respawn as a random animal (choices detailed below) at a random position on the map.

As an animal, the player will not be able to use VOIP (script restricted).

As an animal the player can run around and explore the map as long as they please and do whatever they feel like, they of course are animals. This includes attacking players without any prior roleplay, this is what animals sometimes do.

Animals can bite players, causing them to slowly bleed out, or worse get infected with rabies. In both cases, a player will need to get to a hospital for treatment.

Players can "hunt" animals and earn a reward from doing so. The animal after being hunted can be taken to a processing facility of some description (i.e. butcher, taxidermist etc) where the player can earn a reward. Rewards can include prized game meat, prized skins, taxidermy product. These items can be sold to stores for good money.

Once a player is killed as an animal, they will "wake up" in prison and will not be able to play as an animal for the duration of their sentence.




Will encourage players to participate in good roleplay and surrender to police more often in appropriate circumstances.

Will give players the ability to hunt an animals.

Will give players alternative roleplay experiences including having to be cautious of animals "i.e. mountain lions and stray dogs"

Police can respond to "wild animals on the loose" type calls and destroy any animals that pose a risk to public safety

Players will have to be cautious of stray deer running down the road

Prison will be less boring




Mountain lion

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